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How it Works

How to sell your land

I focus on trust before transactions!

To give you an accurate price for your property, I consider various factors, such as improvements (e.g., wells, septic systems, fencing, power), road frontage, slope, and access. Unlike most traditional sales, our benefits include:

  • Zero Real Estate Commissions: The entirety of the offer you receive is yours - no deductions!

  • Full Coverage of Closing Costs: We bear 100% of the closing costs, ensuring no hidden charges.

  • Security: We complete transactions via a reputable title company, eliminating risks and uncertainties.

I understand selling property to someone you haven’t met yet might cause some concern, but I would like the chance to earn your business with a short phone call. Please call the number below and I look forward to potentially working with you on a win-win transaction!

Note: if you're looking for maximum price for your land, consider seller financing your land to us and receive passive monthly payments for a set amount of time. Learn more here:

Sell Your Land

If you’re interested in selling your land

Please fill the form out or give us a call at (855) 551 0511

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